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Pyradym intimate attunement

Strengthen Your Connection To Source

Benjamin Symes

Benjamin Symes

Following a series of synchronistic events after acquiring his first Pyradym instrument in early 2015,  Ben shifted his attention toward the profound effect that sound and vibration hold upon the human body.


Redefining of his lifelong relationship with music and sound Ben integrated his background in audio engineering with his

undying curiosity for spiritual and metaphysical affairs and now dedicates his time to promoting a greater understanding of Frequency Medicine and Spiritual Evolution.


Finding himself as the world's leading practitioner and a natural spokesperson for Pyradym Technology Ben feels that the real work has only just begun...

What Is Pyradym?

Pyradym is a Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound and Light Instrument designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body's innate self healing mechanisms.


Using a mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body, Pyradym sympathetically resonates the human body at typical characteristic frequencies.


Promoting enhanced sleep patterns, deep meditative states, reduced anxiety and an overall sense of well-being, Pyradym is ideal for all individuals seeking a non-invasive and holistic approach to energetic alignment...

Pyradym Sound Healing, Physioacoustic, BioResonance Instrument
Chakra Energy Field

What Is The Process?

Every physical structure that makes up the human form has a characteristic resonance frequency and by using a mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body to resonate these frequencies, Pyradym can essentially massage it structurally.


Imparting low frequency tones to the Seven Major Chakra Regions, Pyradym is able to break up accumulated energetic and emotional blockages, improving alignment and energetic circulation throughout the entire Chakra System...

Dede Ceballos

Dede Ceballos is Columbia University graduate currently operating as an Occupational Therapist within in the NYC Department of Education.


Dede's position allows her to incorporate a shared passion for music and medicine throughout her professional practice as she actively finds new ways to enhance the lives of many young hearts and minds.

Her grounded approach to life has helped shape the development of Yarah Formation alongside and together with Ben they have come to embody a fine balance between the divine feminine and masculine energy...

Pyradym Occupational Therapy
Connection To Source

I feel much clearer and lighter - more expansive


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