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It’s ALL About Resonance: A BioResonance Healing Therapy Discussion by August J. Worley

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration...”

This quote from a 1942 interview with Nikola Tesla places together three profound physical properties that can otherwise be described as that underlying the principle of resonance.


Resonance is a key principle of the universe and can be used in a variety of different applications, but becomes of crucial importance when used in reference to the art and science of purposefully inducing a periodic stimulus to the human body with the intention of creating the positive physical outcome known as “healing”.

Resonance, (whose etymology implies the use of sound), occurs when two or more tuned frequency systems interact in such a way as to induce an energetic transfer.


However, not strictly constrained by the sonic spectrum, the property of resonance is demonstrated daily in a multitude of commonly-used technologies such as radiotelegraphy, microwave cooking, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or something as simple as running your finger around the rim of a wine glass to produce a tone.

I choose to interpret the “vibration” aspect of Tesla’s resonance statement as an operative subset of sonic frequencies that falls specifically in the bandwidth of that which can be perceived by the human body physically.


Although there is a tremendously wide spectrum of frequencies of all variety that impact the human body on a continuous basis, only those that can be felt at our mass density level are vibrational in the strictest sense.


For example, even though at this very moment it is likely that a number of microwave frequencies are passing through your body, you do not specifically experience these frequencies physically as “vibration” because their wavelengths are too short to trigger the neural response known as “feeling”, (but they do have an impact regardless!)

Accordingly, the term “frequency” may be used rather than “vibration” to differentiate the vocabulary of periodic energy in order to distinguish the non-physical from the physical perception, and to raise the awareness of which energy spectrum we are dealing with when we discuss the associated sonic fields of electromagnetic field therapy, and the lesser-known science of sound therapy known as Physioacoustics.

Through the course of my work with sound, (including as an design engineer for keyboard synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog), I became uniquely  aware of the generation of frequency and vibration as not only a technology of what we term as “music”, but also of how the fundamental components of the sound, (its waveforms, envelopes, etc.), can directly influence our perceptions of not only the physical self, but also of our emotional self.

At its essence, the best music resonates us: it has the ability to elicit a response at a number of levels through a particular type of resonance known as sympathetic resonance.


I believe this principle is why you feel that you like THIS particular song, but not THAT one: some aspect of it – at perhaps an ineffable level - resonates with you.


Esoterically, the energy of life is “ALL about resonance”, but by organising sound frequency, (by what I term ”coherent sound”), beyond the scope of “entertainment” (music) to resonate the human body, we can essentially induce a form of “massage” to create a positive experiential change at a number of levels.

The principle of sympathetic resonance also allows an elegant way of energizing the human body.


Everything that occupies physical space possesses multiple resonance frequencies, and the human body’s being essentially a large resonant cavity makes it easy to resonate in a variety of ways.


Every physical structure that makes up the human form – right down to the cellular level - has a characteristic resonance frequency, as well as a number of associated harmonics above that frequency.

The term “sound” indicates the lowest bandwidth of our total frequency spectrum.


As such, it has the profound ability to penetrate any substance and to organise matter down to the molecular level.


In this way, sound additionally alters our “reality” at a much more fundamental level because it can penetrate and move through solid matter.

And one of the most sublime aspects of resonance is that the appropriate frequencies will reinforce themselves. It doesn’t take that much energy either: research has shown that an optimal bone tissue support using small amplitude physioacoustic stimulation is obtained with less than 10 microstrains of vibration, which is quite subtle.


We ourselves persistently generate a form of natural physioacoustic energy normal functioning of our bodies which appears to diminish as we age. The deterioration of those energy signals parallels the aging process, suggesting there may be a correlation to chronic old-age bone tissue ailments.

So, by imparting an appropriate low-frequency, low-amplitude energy related to the characteristic resonance frequencies of the mass structures of the body, (which are your organs, glands, bones, etc.), you are not only vibrationally massaging these internal structures, but are also stimulating their capacity to detoxify and rebuild, which can also lead to an improved state of health.

In my sound therapy practice I use low frequency sound to create an associated physioacoustic vibration as well as to modulate an electromagnetic field, (as generated by Pyradym), as low sonic frequencies have a tendency to create excitations and resonances of an infinite number of higher harmonically-related frequencies.


Again, everything that occupies physical space possesses multiple resonance frequencies, and our physical body structures are no different.

Each body structure has a broad band of characteristic resonance frequencies that continually change as WE change and evolve.


So, by using subharmonic frequencies, one can cause an excitation of any mathematically proportional frequency above it.


This is another interesting property of resonant systems: structures with higher resonant frequencies will actually “pick out” the appropriate low frequency and resonate with it.


And best of all, the unique properties of sound allows us hear these frequencies and feel them, making them very easy to work with.

By energizing the human body using bioresonance, we are essentially organising it at the deepest levels. Using sound frequency in this way to “attune” the body, (or induce it to literally be “at one”), we are stimulating its innate ability to heal itself.


Think about it:

Your body has a very elegant system for rebuilding itself – and it’s doing so RIGHT NOW!


The most remarkable complex chemical exchanges are occurring within your body 24/7 - EVERY second of EVERY day of your life - whether or not you’re aware of it!


To paraphrase quantum physicist, Dr. John Hagelin,


“The most sophisticated pharmacy in the universe is in your body”.

Frequency and vibration, no matter how you choose to define or distinguish them intellectually, imply the most profound principle in the universe – that of resonance.


As such, resonance is a metaphor for the energetic expression of the Universe at its most fundamental level, or “the way things REALLY work”.


It’s ALL about resonance!

August Worley is a degreed Electrical Engineer with an associated minor in Performance and Music Composition Studies. He began his professional electronics career working for Moog Music, Inc. in Buffalo, New York and moved to Asheville, North Carolina to work with the late legendary synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog, in developing his last keyboard, the MiniMoog Voyager synthesizer.

An Inventor, College Professor, Sound Therapist, and Reiki Master, his latest invention, Pyradym, is a patented, electronic user-controllable sound, light, and Physioacoustic instrument designed to stimulate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms as well as naturally create altered states of awareness.

Copyright © 2014 by August Worley. All rights reserved.

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