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A Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound Generator designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body's innate self healing mechanisms.

Pyradym uses a mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body to sympathetically resonate the human body at typical characteristic resonant or ‘signature’ frequencies.

Generating seven specific low frequency tones to each of the Major Chakra Centers the practitioner controls the pitch and tonal quality of the sound frequencies to suit.


Pyradym is a Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound Generator designed to stimulate and facilitate the body's innate self healing mechanisms.


It consists of 4 basic functional systems:

Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound Generator

100 Watt Physio Acoustic Transducer

Synchronized Light Therapy System

Crystal Particle Fountain


Every physical structure that makes up the human form has a characteristic resonance frequency and by using a mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body to resonate these frequencies, Pyradym can essentially massage it structurally.


Tuned using a mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body Pyradym generates seven specific low frequency tones to resonate the body at its characteristic frequencies.

Imparting these tones to the Seven Major Chakra regions, Pyradym is able to break up energetic and emotional blockage from within our field, restore alignment and improve energetic circulation throughout the Chakra System.


Reaching beyond the limitations of most musical instruments Pyradym provides physio acoustic stimulation to resonate the human body and shower the human vessel at its cellular level in an orchestra of pure and harmonious frequencies.


The physical body comprises of tissues and organs, built from cells, made of molecules, consisting of atoms that contain sub-atomic particles, which are pure energy vibrating.

As the body itself and sound are both essentially nothing but vibrating energy therefore the synchronization of both would lead to perfect 'soundness' of body and spirit.


Physioacoustics is a scientific method of applying low frequency stimulation to the human body in such a way as to obtain desired emotional or physical effects.

It may be thought of as the science which takes the active ingredients out of music, concentrates them, and infuses them in pure form to motivate or heal.

Since ancient times, low frequency sound has been used in various forms to cause physiological and psychological effects.

The FDA has listed Physioacoustic equipment as a Class One medical device and allows the claims of relief of pain, increase of blood circulation and relaxation.


For those wishing to practice meditation but unable to still their mind chatter long enough to enter into a deep transcendent state, Pyradym is a valuable asset as it prolongs the Delta/Theta brain states most conducive to mediation and healing.


Pyradym has the ability to create altered states of awareness through the process of Brain Wave Entrainment, providing the opportunity for us to 'get out of our own way'.

Brain Wave Entrainment is the occurrence in humans where the major biological systems can be induced to synchronize with one another, resulting in a deep sense of relaxation.


The combination of Pyradym's high intensity LED system and its quartz crystal capstone create a reactive light engine that corresponds to the generated changes in audio amplitude.

Known as Chromotherapy this photon stimulation provides our skin with a bathing of light which further assists and facilitates the Brain Wave Entrainment process.


Additional physical and energetic benefits of this process include nourishment, re-balancing, re-harmonizing and re-alignment at the cellular level.


Chromotherapy has been verified and supported in the scientific community by NASA.

In addition to Pyradym’s color generator, the Crystal Particle Fountain is also located beneath the Crystal Capstone and provides a mild radiated ultrasonic stimulus incorporating Reiki healing symbology while the device is in operation in all modes.

The Crystal Particle Fountain inspires positivity, thoughtfulness and well being while imparting a healing atmosphere to the room.

' It felt like every cell in my body was vibrating '


Each and every cell that our human bodies comprise of emit their own unique energy and the human body itself is a series of complex electromagnetic fields operating in unison to form a signature frequency that identifies who we are.

These fields are held together by seven major vortex like energy centers known as Chakras.

Located along our spinal column they range from the base of our spine up through the crown of our head, these centers move energy outward in a clockwise direction from our body into the field around us, and pull energy in a counterclockwise spin from our external environment and the people in it into our body.


Chakras manage and distribute the universal energy flow to where and when we need it most and govern all aspects of our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.

They are aspects of consciousness, and they interact with the physical and energetic body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system.

Each of the seven Chakras is associated with one of the nine endocrine glands, and also with a particular group of nerves, called a plexus making them important elements in healing.

Each Chakra corresponds with particular parts of the body and particular functions within the body controlled by that plexus or that endocrine gland, which is the key to understanding how Chakra healing methods work.


Taken from ancient Sanskrit the word Chakra roughly translates to “wheel” or “disk,” and to simplify the importance of alignment Chakras may best be viewed in a similar manner as the wheels of a vehicle, a human vehicle.

When all Chakras are well aligned our vehicle is able perform at its optimum rate, providing us with a smooth and energy efficient ride throughout our life journey.


When any Chakra falls out of alignment it requires the others to under or over compensate , we become unbalanced and our ride through life feels rougher.


Many things can offset a Chakra's balance such an illness, relationship issues, harboring grudges, work worries, etc

When the Chakra Centers are free from energetic blockage and running at their optimum level, these energy distribution centers are free to regulate the flow of life force energy to where and when it is needed most, improving all aspects of our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.

Left unattended blockages disrupt the harmony of the body's energetic field and may

eventually manifest into physical  dis-ease and ill health, as well as emotional and psychological disorders.​

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