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Here we open the channels of direct communication to our members. If you have found your way this far through our Mystery Site, then the chances are that you will resonate well with the contents of this forum.

Intended as a safe space to for all nature of esoteric discussion and debate, we encourage a healthy degree of 'Suspension Of Dis-Belief' when interacting with this flow, as much of the work undertaken by Yarah Formation pushes the boundaries of standard accepted belief systems.

As we begin to expand the horizons of our perception it is only natural that we may encounter suggestions, theories or concepts that at first may appear far fetched or even ridiculous to the rational mind, do not falter, for without stretching the limitations of our own belief systems we  cannot truly evolve and expand our own level of consciousness.


What is deemed impossible today becomes tomorrow's standard.


When the Wright Brothers first began to dream of mankind flying through the air in mechanical vessels they were ridiculed by the world, yet as we now reach further outward in the realms of space travel the Boeing 747 has become a rudimentary part of our everyday life...

We encourage members to dream with a capital D,  to exercise the muscles of imagination with no fear of judgement or ridicule, please do not be shy to ask or suggest any notion,  even if at first it seems a little crazy to your Self..!

We Not Me

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