ben symes


pyradym practitioner

After acquiring his first Pyradym instrument in early 2015, Ben became  intrigued by the profound effect that sound and vibration hold upon the human body.


Engaged by discovery and fueled with an eagerness to learn, his research into Vibrational Medicine had began and with it came a redefining of his lifelong relationship with music and sound.


Making the conscious decision to focus his attention solely toward the greater understanding and application of Sound as Medicine, Ben transitioned from his background in music and sound engineering to become one of only a handful of Pyradym Practioners in the world today.


Applying the principles of Reiki and additional subtle energy techniques Ben has developed a signature feel to his work, using the time to nurture his intuitive relationship with Pyradym and hone his craft, his Harmonic Alignment sessions have become well known as powerful and transformative experiences. 

With only 50 Pyradym instruments worldwide, much of Ben's work is a first and he has found himself to be at the forefront of this emerging new  modem of sound therapy.  Possibly, the most prolific of available Pyradym Practioners, Ben has become a natural of a spokesperson for Pyradym Technology, readily sharing his latest findings from the world of Vibrational Medicine with all, he continues to explore the unseen fields of subtle energy.


Pushing the boundaries of  accepted medicine  Ben remains grounded and grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing his message. With an expanding NYC client base, interstate appointments and plans to enter into the corporate health sector, Ben's intention is to introduce the health benefits offered by Pyradym to the greater community...

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