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benjamin symes

Since acquiring his first Pyradym instrument in early 2015, Ben became  intrigued by the profound effect that sound and vibration hold upon the human body.


Engaged by discovery and fueled with an eagerness to learn, his research into Vibrational Medicine had began and with it came a redefining of his lifelong relationship with music and sound.


Making the conscious decision to focus his attention solely toward the greater understanding and application of Sound as Medicine, Ben transitioned from his background in music and sound engineering to become the premier Pyradym Practioner in the world today.


Combining the basic principles of Reiki with additional subtle energy techniques of his own Ben has developed a signature feel to his work, utilizing the past 6 years to nurture his intuitive relationship with Pyradym and hone his craft.


His Harmonic Expansion and Signature Alignment sessions have earned a growing reputation as powerful and transformative experiences. 

With only 58 Pyradym instruments currently on the planet much of Ben's work is a first,  finding himself at the frontier of this unique form of sound and light therapy application Ben is emerging as natural spokesperson for Pyradym Technology and the philosophies of Yarah Formation.

Grounded and grateful for his opportunity, Ben is available for online private and group sessions...

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