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Thursday june 27

Energea NYC

Our Energea gatherings are welcoming to all levels of meditator, there is no right or wrong way to sit with Pyradym, simply enter with an open mind, meet some new friends, make your self comfortable, allow the sound to guide you and discover what Pyradym may unlock in you.

The Energea Pentloft itself is a warm and welcoming sensory environment with a state of the art sound system that allows us to feel the full weight of Pyradym's low frequencies like nowhere else.

Harmonic Alignment Group Meditation

Harmonic Alignment sessions with Pyradym are an immersive physioacoustic experience unlike any other sound therapy modality. One of only 84 instruments in the world today, Yarah Formation have been the sole Pyradym practitioners in NYC since 2015 and our monthly gatherings offer the exclusive opportunity to discover what Pyradym may unlock in you.

Welcoming to all levels of meditator and especially useful to those wishing to enter deeper meditative states but unable to still the mental chatter long enough to do so, Pyradym naturally induces and prolongs the Delta / Theta brain states which are known to be the most conducive to meditation and deep healing.

Sessions can be powerfully invigorating and simultaneously, very relaxing experiences. Perhaps best viewed as a sonic massage, the ability of Pyradym's physioacoustic vibrations to penetrate and resonate the body at its deeper levels has a profound physiological impact. 

Sound stimulates emotion, and by stimulating emotional responses Pyradym is able to bring to the surface and release stagnant energy patterns held deep within the Human Energy Field. 

Left unattended such energetic blockages can disrupt the harmony in the body's energetic field and cause not only physical dis-ease but also emotional and psychological disorders. Applying the principles of sympathetic resonance, imparting tones to these regions can help to clear blockages, restructure the patterning of the energetic body and promote healing.

Listening to slow repetitive sounds such as the analog frequencies generated by Pyradym promotes Whole Brain Integration, a process whereby the left and right hemispheres of the brain operate in greater unison stimulating neurological restructuring, better cognitive reasoning, and improved motor coordination.

This balancing of the brain's hemispheres often results in moments of deep inspiration, high creativity, increased mental clarity and significant and long lasting shifts in perception.

In addition to the energetic properties, Harmonic Alignment gatherings provide a safe space to connect with like minded individuals, deepen personal introspection, entertain fresh perspectives, share and learn with others, and nurture a warm sense of community.

We look forward to sharing space with all who resonate...

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