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Saturdays 11am  Eastern Standard Time

Meditation Made Easy

These online meditations are for all levels of participant and for those wishing to practice meditation but unable to still their mind chatter long enough, Pyradym is a valuable asset as it prolongs the Delta/Theta brain states most conducive to mediation and healing.


Broadcast via Facebook Live the practitioner intuitively guides their way through the 22 minute online session to deliver a deep state of mental tranquility as the harmonious waves to stimulate and revitalize at the cellular level.

Collective meditations differ from Signature Alignments as they address a much wider field of energy.

Addressing the individual signature frequencies of the participants as a group body, Pyradym goes 'just where it needs to'  to harmonize  the collective field, whilst still delivering the required treatments at an individual level.

Establishing an Archetypal Intention for each session has proven itself as a powerful tool in the alignment process, providing an anchor for all to focus upon it creates a web and expands the band width of the carrier wave through which our combined intentions are transmitted. 

Summing the collective etheric energy of the group, Pyradym structures the combined intentions through a copper wrapped Selenite crystal wand internally located at its center before amplifying the signal upward into the Brazilian Quartz Crystal Capstone where it may then be broadcast into the ethers.

Inducing Whole Brain Integration through its deep pulsing tones Pyradym assists with balancing the brain's left and right hemispheres,  stimulating the neurological structure to  facilitate better cognitive reasoning, more efficient learning skills and improved motor coordination.

Being able to get out of our own way allows us to  open the door for fresh perspectives and new ways of being to enter into our field...