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The true origins of Pyradym Technology are unknown as its maker August Worley states clearly that the blueprints were 'delivered' to him over the course of a series of trancendental meditation and channeled writing sessions. During past life regressions

The Return of a Forgotten Technology

Shortly after the dawn of the 21st century the design blueprints for Pyradym Technology were delivered to an unsuspecting August Worley during a synchronistic deep trancendental meditation session with the late, great intuitive channel ELmarilla Bailey.  Sensing A trained musician, synthesizer designer and Reiki Master,  August's hands were already full working alongside the legendary grandfather of synthesizers Dr. Robert Moog at Moog Music. originate beyond the physical realms of existence and were delivered via non verbal communication to an unsuspecting


Unclear as to exactly where to begin, August placed his idea upon a mental back burner of things to do list and continued with his daily operations, that was until one evening whilst sitting in a deep transcendental meditation group, the unsuspecting August sensed with a low resonant tone.


He continued to hear this low frequency tone for some while after, even in the serenity of his own home and confused as to its origin, August searched around for answers. Wondering that it were perhaps an mysterious air conditioning unit that he had been previously unaware of, or maybe even a neighbour's washing machine that had gone on the blink, his search was to no avail and left him frustrated and I am sure more than a little concerned considering that his very livelihood depended greatly upon the clarity of his hearing!


Shortly after, whilst again sitting in his deep transcendental meditation group, August a Reiki Master himself was presented with his answer as he encountered an energetic presence that introduced itself through the very sound that he had been hearing, or perhaps better put, 'feeling'. Now as time progressed, through his regular meditation sessions, August struck up a relationship of understanding with this force who used sound, color, light and shapes as the chosen language and it was not too long before he began to realize that he was being delivered the blueprints to the very device he had in mind to build. As the image flashes increased, so did his own ability to comprehend their unique nature and in a similar way to the late and great Nikola Tesla, August was being encouraged from on high to re-introduce to the world a technology that had not been seen since the formative years of what we call 'ancient Egypt'.


The deliveries kept arriving at his doorstep at a steady rate and the processing speed that he was able to decipher their encryption was also on the rise, until one day he came into the full and complete conclusion that he was to build a pyramid shaped Chakra aligned electronic sound instrument that was intended to remove stagnant energies that caused blockage to the seven major Chakras that govern all aspects of our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being. Not only did the device provide this remarkable quality but it was also to act as a powerful amplifier of human intention and was a highly effective tool quite unlike anything seen before, for manifesting thought into 3-D reality.


One can only begin to imagine the effect that this kind of realization would bring and I am sure that at points he had to question his own sanity or at least his grasp upon reality and perhaps that is why he sought a past life regression to shed some additional light upon these peculiar set of events.


Well if the wormhole wasn't deep enough already for the innocent Mr.Worley, it was about to tunnel through the bottom of all that he thought he knew and right out the other side! During the session August saw himself working in the space, time, dimension known as Atlantis as a sound and light healing practitioner within a floating pyramid structure, the walls of which were inscribed not only with a multitude herbal remedies for all kinds of ailments but also a healthy amount number of jokes. Yep, you read it correctly, jokes!


At first glance this may seem a little far fetched or even ridiculous to some, as it often assumed that healing is a very serious business and humor has no place in its process. However, upon closer inspection joy and laughter rest highly among the ranks of healing modems as they strengthen of Auras greatly and a strong Aura proves a mighty defense to some of the deadliest forces within our world.


I guess it should be noted at this point that August is no kind of merry prankster and nor did he spend his youth turning on, tuning in and dropping out. He is a very sharp minded and well grounded individual, as one would need to be in order to resurface from this kind of 'download' without being admitted into the local psych ward.


Afterall, would it not make perfect sense to deliver such lofty designs directly into the hands of an analogue synth designer who held a solid understanding of subtle energy work and a strong understanding of sound and music?


Who in the world would be better qualified to return such a sacred tool for the betterment back into the modern world?


Receiving 'visions' in a similar fashion to the late Nikola Tesla who cited his 'inventions' as first appearing to him in visions, which only later was he able to figure out and comprehend their use and how to build them, August steadily began to make sense of the information being delivered and with his guide always close at hand commenced work of the first Pyradym.


We can also cast aside the obvious accusations from the naysayers that August is merely a modern day charlatan peddling his updated electronic snake oil to the unwitting as a means to fame and fortune, when we take into consideration that with only 30 Pyradym devices on the planet over the course of a decade and a sales technique that may only be described as 'underground' in this time of social media saturation when even the least savvy seem able to sell sand to an Arab if you excuse the pun :)


August's approach resonates with pure integrity rather than any bells and whistles and his proof is left firmly within the pudding where it sits awaiting only those who miraculously find their own path to it.


So how does one connect with such a wonderful device you may ask?


I have often pondered upon just what brought to the Pyradym shores and all I can recall was seeing some kind of small and unassuming face book post back in 2012, of which I have no idea of how it appeared as I have not seen one since. It stuck in my mind and even though at the time I had more than enough money to acquire one, I remained hesitant as despite my strong interest I could not fathom just how I would apply such a device in my current life as an audio engineer.


My own inner critic immediately jumped in my face to tell me that 'I was no healer or doctor and who or what did I think I was, your friends will think you have really gone off the boil with this one Ben' and I allowed my own self doubt and fear to govern the show and I kept it moving.


However, I seemed unable to shake the chord that just seeing this beautiful device had struck in me and I found myself talking to all and sundry about this wonderful looking instrument that I had only seen a picture, and had no idea as to its true function and capability, for at this time I held a scarce understanding toward Chakras, Reiki and the field of subtle energies to say the very least .


Well, like many things in life it was a numbers game and finally my blind enthusiasm fell upon fertile ground when I mentioned it several times to my now dear wife and life partner Dede, who being a fellow Sagitarian and as crazy for life experience as I am suggested that we buy one together just to see what is was all about. I already knew that she had my boxes ticked but this moment was truly the icing on my cake.


The only sales pitch if you can even term in that was a slight mention from August, that in some way or other, the Pyradym would bring positive change to its keeper or perhaps better put student, as indeed his soft reassurance was in no way short of the mark as in the two and a half years that we have been working with this instrument it has brought many positive things to the lives of not only myself and Dede but also a great number of subtle teachings of how to simply be a better version of our True Selves.


Unsure as to what to our new found friend I consulted once again with August, who informed me to ask for a name to be revealed during dreamtime. I did so that very night and encountered a name that was previously unknown to either myself or Dede.  I awoke clear headed with the name of Yarah, diving straight into google search I found it to be an ancient Hebrew name meaning to shake or quiver in awe, also it held connotations of the way shower, to teach, to flow like water, to shoot knowledge like an arrow and was also a Goddess of water in  indigenous Amazonian tradition.


And so it was, Yarah was born, the Formation aspect appeared as a natural and organic flow representing the way in which birds fly, as although I felt the significance of Yarah, I did not wish to fall into any kind of guru aspect to our collective and remained mindful that in a formation all have their moment and opportunity to lead the flock. When Geese fly long distances they rotate the spearhead position between their flock pending upon who is best equipped with the necessary intuitive insight to act as guide at the time.


Pyradym is but one aspect of our work which includes many modems such as Reiki, The Enneagram, Human Design, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Plant Medicine. It's not all about our work with sound, and although that is obviously our primary area it should be understood that all roads lead to greater self awareness and re-connection to our True Energetic Selves.


Through utilizing all the 'tools in the box', to quote the late Terrance McKenna we are able to reach beyond the limitations of accepted belief and through the suspension of our own dis-belief we in turn afford ourselves the emotional luxury to look deeper not only into ourselves but also the collective reality that each and everyone of us share co-creators of our everyday life experience within the matrix of consciousness itself.


Pushing the boundaries of our 5 senses and the constraints that their limited frequency range imposes upon us, we have been able to make some great strides forward in our own comprehension of just how this thing called life works.


That being said, I feel it important to remind you that we are merely presenting to our audience the findings of our own journey along the long and winding path of self discovery and as with all things one should always remain mindful to only tune in to that which resonates within your own self. As the path of each individual differs from the next and the last thing we wish to encourage is a cult mentality.


On the contrary, our work is intended to provoke greater awareness of self and to provide some simple and easy to understand building blocks for that task.


There appears to exist within modern society a common tendency for us to look outside of ourselves for the answers, we are amazed and impressed by the might of anyone deeming themselves as guru or shaman, or choose to trust only the word of a trained medical doctor when it comes to our physical or psychological health. Religious and political leaders re-enforce the false belief that we are unworthy and that we entered this world broken in need of fixing and in some way, shape or form many of us still believe that only a saviour can help save us from our own selves.


Of course, there are many wise ones walking amongst us in these times and many more that have left an impressionable mark throughout our recorded history, and yet it is with no disrespect to any such figures that we encourage you all to tune in to your own inner guru, to become your own health adviser and connect directly and with a greater inner strength to the source energy that fuels all that is, consciousness, God, call it what you will but realize that if any a saviour or God is to be found the only place you need to truly look is within.


It appears an inherent fault within us humans to relinquish our own inner power to the first one who jumps up and claims to hold the keys to life's riddle, we eagerly hand over our sovereignty like a hot coal burning in our palm and once given away it may take a lifetime before we are able to realize that ultimately it is always us who holds the power and responsibility over us and no one else.


We seem to like blaming those around us for the short falls of our own well being and yet when we point a finger at those who have supposedly failed to serve our best interest in accusation, there are three fingers pointing right back at us.


So what's the point in all this you may wonder? How does this esoteric rant support or explain the Pyradym?


Well the answer is quite simple, through working with this device I have been able to understand my own state of victimhood in which I was quite content and defendant of for many years. Through furthering my knowledge and understanding of universal energy flow I have been able to see myself in a much clearer light and although much of it may have been hard to handle at first it has steadily brought me to realize that despite whatever highly intricate story I may have chosen to write for myself as to why I did not receive the things in life I thought I deserved, it was for the simple fact that it was I who stood in my own way.


For as I recognize and accept my own sovereignty and the responsibility over every aspect of my life experience I am now beginning to step into the role of Creator, and the further into this understanding I go, the more knowledge I know and I hold the power to create and attract the things I desire into my life.


My work with Pyradym has lead me to better understand the power of the mind, thoughts and intentions. As everything that exists, all that is, is simply energy vibrating and everything holds a resonant frequency then it only makes perfect sense that if I fixate upon negative and self defeating thoughts, which are themselves energetic in nature, then I will only attract more negative energy as like attracts like, as I am sure many of you will already be aware of from The Law of Attraction.


I have found myself bridging the gap between science and spirituality and am now able to view life from a perspective of wholeness, it has become very clear to me that separation is merely an illusion and that all things, without any exception are one, all that is, is pure energy vibrating.


We are all built from the same material and like it or not are all connected at the core level.


The primary function of Pyradym is to remove stagnant energies from within the seven major Chakras of the body and restore alignment to each individual Chakra wheel.


Our Chakras not only draw in positive life giving energy from the cosmos but they also act as our defense mechanism against any negative energies, people and experiences that we may encounter. Therefore it is vital to our overall health and well being that all seven Chakras are performing unrestricted and free from blockage.


Unlike most musical instruments, Pyradym is tuned in relationship to the human body and not the musical scale, this unique tuning system allows us to sympathetically resonate at the frequencies of our own human scale. By applying the unique wave forms generated by Pyradym to the human energy body, we are able to not only sonically massage out the knots that we may have accumulated from our daily routine but also over time remove many traumas and upsets that are held deep within our energy bodies from many lifetimes before.


If nothing else a basic session with Pyradym leaves an individual feeling much stronger, clearer and brighter in themselves.


All sounds a little too easy to be true? Try it for yourself...

It is well documented within the spiritual and religious world that in some way sound was a primary force of creation and even from a contemporary science perspective it is even referred to using a sonic term, the Big Bang.

We have been shown scientifically that everything that exists, is at its sub-atomic level, energy that is in a state of constant vibration, from the micro to the macro everything in the cosmos vibrates, and even energy that is vibrating beyond our limited hearing range may in a certain sense still be considered as sound.


Traveling as as a wave,  this energy carries itself through the medium of vibrating air before entering our ears via the auditory pathways, where it undergoes a three step process transforming it into electrical impulses that are then sent to our brain for processing before turning into into what we perceive as sound.


Although 'heard' by this neurological process the traveling sound waves also pass throughout our body, affecting us at our deepest cellular level.

Knowing that all matter vibrates, we can move on to explore the idea that every object—including every organ, bone, and tissue in our body—has resonance, or a natural vibratory state.


When the body is healthy and balanced, these vibrations are in harmony with each other. When the body is imbalanced, it is in a state of dissonance—the resonant qualities of its constituent parts are in disharmony.


Visualize a healthy body like an orchestra that is playing all together in balance and harmony. Let’s call this music the “symphony of the self.”

Using this metaphor of the body as an orchestra, what happens when the second violin player loses his sheet music? Pretty soon that violin player might begin to play the wrong notes and the wrong rhythm. Usually, in a very short amount of time, the rest of the string section begins to sound off. In fact, as this dissonance develops, you’ll begin to notice that there’s something wrong with the entire orchestra. It just doesn’t sound right.

This is akin to a part of our body vibrating out of its healthy -resonance—it’s vibrating out of tune and out of ease, and we then say that this part of our body is diseased (dis-eased). One of the basic principles of using sound as a healing modality is to restore the part of the body that is diseased back into a state of healthy resonance. It is very much like getting the sheet music back to that string player.

The term entrainment comes from physics, and it describes the way in which the vibrations of one object can affect the vibrations of another object. Through entrainment, we can synchronize or harmonize one vibration with another.

There are many ways to use entrainment for sound healing. At a basic level, you can use vibration—humming—to restore the natural resonance of an organ or system. When an organ begins to vibrate out of its natural frequency, its energy becomes blocked. The organ then becomes vulnerable to potential imbalances—deterioration, disease, viruses, bacteria, and so on. When we reinforce its natural frequency, the organ’s resonance is restored, it regains its energy, the intruder energy that was causing damage ceases to exist, and the organ is restored to health.

Instead of focusing on the organ and reinforcing its healthy, natural vibratory state, sound may also be focused upon the intruder—that pathogen or energy that is causing harm to the organ.


This ability of sound to disintegrate matter has been known for a long time.

With sufficient amplitude, sound is powerful enough to cause any object to shatter when its resonant frequency matches that of the object. This second approach to sound healing focuses on using sound to disintegrate whatever pathogen, malignancy, or energy is causing harm to the body.

In order for a sound to be transmitted to the central nervous system, the energy of the sound undergoes three transformations.

First, the air vibrations are converted to vibrations of the tympanic membrane and ossicles of the middle ear. These in turn become vibrations in the fluid within the cochlea.


Finally, the fluid vibrations set up traveling waves along the basilar membrane that stimulate the hair cells of the organ of Corti.


These cells convert the sound vibrations to nerve impulses in the fibres of the cochlear nerve, which transmits them to the brainstem, from which they are relayed, after extensive processing, to the primary auditory area of the cerebral cortex, the ultimate centre of the brain for hearing.


Only when the nerve impulses reach this area does the listener become aware of the sound.

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