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sound sessions

get comfortable - set an intention - slow your breath
relax the body - still the  mind - allow the sound to guide you
let the mind roam free - do not judge - simply observe
be attentive to how the sound feels
inhale light   exhale love

Blending sounds of the natural world with crystal bowls and sacred chants from acclaimed sound practitioner Jonathan Goldman, Pyradym creates a multi-layered soundscape to assist in the process of Whole Brain Integration.  The recording is also effective as an aid to enhancing natural sleep cycles when played at low volume during rest.

Working around an ancient Sufi mantra to ground the ego, Pyradym remains fixed in the Root chakra to assist in grounding and stability.

A 20 minute sweep to clear energetic debris and improve general circulation throughout the Chakra system.

Unlike other recordings this session utilizes Pyradym's 'hard' setting to re-energize the Chakra system, and it can be felt quite intensely. 

Combining Pyradym with powerful imagery and off planet wisdom these offerings serve as a navigational tool through the planetary shift in consciousness that we are collectively experiencing...

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