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Born in 2015, Yarah Formation is a platform for the exploration of sound as medicine and  the expansion of consciousness.

Arising from a series of synchronistic events Yarah Formation manifested into physical reality in early 2015. nnnkm,, as an expression of my relationship with Pyradym to provide a platform for my research into subtle energy and the expansion and also to serve as a platform for his own path toward self discovery and exploration into the deeper aspects of consciousness.


After discovery Pyradym one morning in his Redefining his lifelong relationship with music and sound BenAn audio engineer based in New York City at the time, Ben was lead to discover Pyradym from his unrelenting thirst for greater understanding of Spiritual Self and attraction to ancient Mayan wisdom. 

Resulting from the algorithms of an unending search for pyramid knowledge Pyradym appeared in his Facebbok feed and after some months of pondering Ben took the plunge alongside his partner Dede Ceballos to invest $4800 into a device neither one of them had any idea just what to do with.

Prior to the arrival of the instrument Ben had a synchronistic encounter with Zohar Bahir, a highly intuitive channel who offered him a complimentary consultation with Sothis, a non physical collective consciousness emminating from the star system of Sirius.

Although familiar to the nature of channeling Ben held a high level of discernment prior to the consultation and made no mention of his most recent investment. Yet after only a few minutes he soon realized the authenticity of the consciousness he was interacting with. Informing him of many aspects in his life that resonated deeply within his core Ben listened in wonder as Sothis spoke of his future 'working with a new kind of medicine' and his ability to become 'a natural spokesperson for this medicine'.

Shortly after the arrival of Pyradym Ben began working with a powerful Shaman of the Shipibo tradition who facilitated a profound spiritual experience that further reinforced his life purpose and gave birth to the platform of Yarah Formation. Following an intuitive guidance that flowed through during a 4 week period Ben created the online platform of Yarah Formation.


Having requested that the name of his instrument be shown to him during dreamtime from the advice of its inventor August Worley, Ben received that very night the name Yarah. Clearly spelled out in large letters he awoke somewhat amazed and confused as he held no idea as to the meaning of such a word. After immediately entering the name into google his amazement was increased as he learnt that it was an ancient Hebrew word with connotations such as, 'to quiver, to shake in awe', 'a wayshower of truth' and also Yarah is the name of an ancient South American feminine water deity wich holds the meaning of 'to flow in truth'. Resonating strongly with not only his own feelings toward the instrument but also shared by the collective of friends that had intimately sat with Pyradym.

Taking life one step at a time and always mindful toward remaining grounded Ben began to shift the focus of his attention away from the entertainment aspect of music toward the application of sound as medicine and deepening his understanding of the Human Energy Field.

Finding himself among only a handful of fellow Pyradym guardians on the planet Ben's journey continues through many unchartered waters, drawing certain similarities to the introduction of acupuncture to the western mindset in the 1950's he has learnt the meaning of patience and only now feels that the time has come to begin actively raising awareness toward Pyradym Technology and the potential benefits that it can offer to humanity...

Manifested in 2015 following a series of synchronistic events in the life of Benjamin Symes, Yarah Formation serves a platform for personal spiritual evolution and deepening an understanding toward the nature of consciousness. Centered around Pyradym, a unique bio-resonant sound instrument 

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