Signature Alignment

A Signature Alignment​ session with Pyradym can be a powerful invigorating and simultaneously,

a very relaxing experience. 


Similar in some ways to a physical massage, the ability of Pyradym's physio acoustic vibration to penetrate and resonate the human body has a profound physiological impact upon it. 

Going where it needs to, Pyradym resonates deep into areas that a physical massage cannot reach in order to unblock accumulated patterns from the body's energetic field. 

After dowsing the condition of each Chakra the practitioner dedicates 10 minutes to each region, intuitively directing Pyradym's wave forms to stimulate or soothe into alignment the region before moving on to the next.

All that is required is to relax your body, put on a pair of comfortable stereo headphones, lie face up upon a massage table that vibrates in gentle unison with Pyradym,  expect a great session and allow your body to simply feel.

As you connect with the sound and allow it to take your where it will, you will gradually become more aware of your breathing as it naturally begins to follow and sync to Pyradym's waves.

Becoming more open to your feelings it is possible that you may notice a little discomfort as the blocked and stagnant energies work their way out of your system,  simply breathe light into the area that is stuck and exhale the release of blocked energy from your field.

When the session is complete use the following silence to check in with your body, pay attention to just how you feel and allow yourself time to settle back into yourself as Pyradym often promotes profound shifts in sensory perception.

Drink some water to assist in flushing away any toxins that may have been released from within the

body's tissues during the session as Pyradym stimulates and accelerates the release of these waste materials.