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Sacred Space is the ceremonial practice through which we strengthen our connection

to the conscious energy field that flows through and surrounds us all.


From the power of combined and focused intention we resonate and co-create an energetic realm

where matters may be addressed at their energetic level.

Whether the intention be toward an individual,

collective or self healing nature, the manifestation of ideas into physical reality,

increased intuition, heightened self awareness or connection to our True Energetic Self.

ALL may be achieved when we afford ourselves the luxury of suspended disbelief and expand the frequency spectrum of our imagination.

Utilizing the sacred geometric design of Pyradym's electrical circuitry,

Reiki infused tracings of the Crystal Light Fountain,

and the transmission qualities of its Brazilian clear quartz crystal capstone,

Pyradym is a powerful amplifier of intention and a very valuable tool to the manifestation process.


Amplifying a well defined signal into the conscious field creates a deeper energetic imprint

which in turn attracts energies of similar frequency to resonate with our cause.


The more energy we attract the greater our quicker our return will be, like attracts like...

Sacred Space Ceremonies are traditionally held during the midnight hours when the

external electro-magnetic interference upon the planet is at its lowest.

Ranging from four to twelve hours these are powerful ceremonies and offer many benefits from the

prolonged periods spent in the Delta/Theta brain states that Pyradym induces.


It is these brain states that are the most conducive to healing and neural re-patterning.

As conscious beings we are infinite and ever expanding and it remains our underlying nature to

Experience, Learn and Evolve.

Sacred Space Ceremonies are the exploration of and expansion into a broader spectrum of frequency range.


"This is not the only station on the dial..."

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