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Welcoming to all levels of participant these group sessions are intended to ease the meditation process and shift stagnant energy blockages...

Yoga at Home

Harmonic Alignment group sessions offer an opportunity for all levels of meditator to connect with the deeper Self.


Pyradym's low frequency tones induce a deep state of mental tranquility, as they effortlessly guide us away from the active Beta brain state which is where we spend most of our waking moments, into the deeper, slower rhythms of the Delta and Theta ranges which are known to be the most conducive to meditation and deep healing.


Pyradym's unique stereo filters are designed to create a binaural effect to assist in promoting  Whole Brain Integration, increased balance between the left and right brain hemispheres stimulates neurological restructuring, facilitates better cognitive reasoning, more efficient learning skills and improved motor coordination.

This balancing of the mind is also a key to unlocking the intuitive abilities that are innate to us all.

When listening to sound, the authoritative tone of our analytical left brain hemisphere begins to relax, detecting that there is little for it to judge (unlike when listening to music), and voice may now be given to the gentle whispers of our intuitive right brain hemisphere.


Shifting into the brain states of the Delta / Theta range, helps to facilitate moments of deep inspiration, creativity and often provides profound clarity into any discordant thoughts or aspects of our life that may be troubling us.


This ability to Get Out of Our Own Way, for even a short period of time, affords us the luxury to open doors on fresh perspectives and new ways of being for ourselves that may otherwise have passed by unnoticed.

Contact us today to schedule a Harmonic Alignment at your location...

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